Dry Insert, Dry Strip, Dry Strip+, Dry Paste

Container Desiccants

Cargo Dry Solutions:

Top-Sorb is expert of container desiccants, provide perfect cargo dry solutions. Our container desiccants series products create a super dry environment in the container, protecting your valuable goods from humidity damage. It can effectively adsorb humidity, and control “dew point” temperature below the actual temperature, and thus prevent mildew, rust format

Super Container Desiccants:

According to the test results of authoritative international organizations,TopSorb container desiccants     Dry-Insert, Dry-Strip, Dry Strip+ keeps absorbing moisture for 60 days, absorption capacity up to250%, continuously reduce the relative humidity and protect the goods in the whole period of shipment.

Dry Insert-1000, Patent N.O:ZL 2011 3 0335167.0,absorbent weight: 1000g, hard shell design, nice looking and shape, improve the users’ brands.

Dry Strip-1000,Patent N.O:ZL 2011 3 0335168.5, absorbent weight: 1000g, double package, laminated non-woven, with hook.

Dry Strip+ 500, absorbent weight: 500g, Tyvek package, with hook.

container desiccant
Dry Dragon containerd desiccant
(soft Package)
dry grain container desiccant
Dry Grain container desiccant
(Soft Package)
container desiccant
Dry Cover container desiccant
(Soft Package)

Dry Dragon-1000 Absorbent weight :1000g,more than 2.5kg moisture is absorbale; double package, laminated non-woven, with hook. good drapability ,can be insert the container groove, Save incasement space.

Dry Grain has a smart design, less than 10mm in thickness. It is specially designed for grain export container transportation. The goods of grain is often stacked particularly full when loading into container.

Dry Cover -1000 absorbent weight: 1000g, blanket design, with ropes optional, in thickness within 15mm, suitable for the bulk goods like grains, agriculture products, can cover the goods like a blanket.

Dry -Paste ®125g , Dupont Tyvek packaged, the back side is with adhesive function. Without adhesive is available.

super dry
Dry -Paste ®125g+
moisture protection
 After Adsorption

Super adsorption & anti-leakage

The above container desiccants use the mixture of CaCl2 and high water adsorption material as absorbent. Its adsorption capacity reaches over 250% at 25℃,90%RH. More importantly, this special mixture material turns into solid gel after full adsorption. There is no any leakage even it gets saturated. It is a perfect combination of super adsorption capacity and anti-leakage performance.

Adsorption Chart

Comparison Pictures of Using Dry-Strip, Dry-Insert, Dry-Paste or Not

Before using After using

moisture damage


Dry-Strip, Dry-Insert, Dry-Paste are widely used in various fields, including:

Semiconductor and electronic products, metal products, Military products, precision instruments, Machinery equipment, Chemical materials, Medicine, health care products, Food packaging, canned food, Pet food, textiles, Furniture, leather products, Bulk grains, agricultural products, Transport of goods, warehousing……

Perfect Design to Suit the Container Grooves

dry insert
dry strip
dry stirp+

Dry-Insert, Dry Strip, Dry Strip+ can be fitted into the container wall grooves tightly, saving loading space!

Application Picturess

usage of dry insert
usage of strip
usage of container desiccant
instruction of desiccant
instruction of cargo dry
instruction of desiccant bag
container desiccant
usage of dry insert-1000

Documents Download:

SGS Heavy Metal test report

Topsorb 30SVHC Test Report(TUV)

Topsorb DMF Test report(Pony)

Topsorb RoHS Test Report