• Mine

  • Ore

  • Mining

  • Allocation

  • Drying

  • Package

  • Shipping

  • Loading cabinet

(The above picture is only part of the process, not a complete process)

Montmorillonite desiccant raw material production flow chart

Montmorillonite desiccant raw material production flow chart

Montmorillonite raw materials are used to make montmorillonite desiccants and are widely used in mechanical parts, precision instruments, electronic/metal components and military products. Because of its absence of any pollution, moisture absorption safety is classified as a green product. Montmorillonite is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-corrosive. It does not contain any additives or calcium chloride, and can be reused when the low temperature environment is not degraded.
Top-Sorb montmorillonite raw material base is located in Inner Mongolia, China. Compared with other similar products, Top-Sorb products have the following advantages:
a. Temperature 25°C, relative humidity RH=80%, moisture absorption rate 25~27%,
b. Water loss rate less than 0.7% (170°C)
c. Montmorillonite content up to 95%
Top-Sorb product sizes include: 0.5~1.5mm, 1~3mm, 1~4mm, 0.5~4mm and other specifications.

Packaging and loading

Two types of packaging: 25kg woven bag & 1000kg tonne bag